Strategic Plan

2018-2023 Strategic Plan



The Farmingdale Public Library, serving the residents of U.F.S.D. #22, has as its primary mission:

1. Enhancing the cultural, recreational, and educational needs of all the community by serving as a center for print and non-print materials;

2. Facilitating access to information and knowledge through cooperation with other libraries and educational institutions;

3. Providing meeting space for local groups and organizations interested in the cultural, recreational, and educational development of the citizens of the community.



While the purpose of the Strategic Plan is to identify activities to achieve objectives and goals, it is understood that some activities are already part of the Library’s service plan. The Strategic Planning Committee recognizes them as valuable and recommends that they be continued. Other activities require additional staff, increased funding, and significant time to accomplish. The activities included in the Strategic Plan are listed in priority order. Activities listed first, have been identified by the Strategic Planning Committee as those for which the Library has the resources, has already implemented, can be accomplished immediately, or have been identified by the Strategic Planning Committee as needing immediate action regardless of the need for additional staff or funding.